LKG 601


LCD 3 ½ digits


Ground Resistance, Leakage Current, Int. & Ext.  Instrument Current.

Operating Voltage:

110VAC or 220VAC (Option)

Measurement Range:

Resistance: 0 -1999 Milli Ohms,  Leakage Current: 0 -1999 uA

Instrument Current: 0 -19.99 A


Resistance: ± 2% ± 1 LSD, Leakage: ± 1% FS DC to 1 kHz ± 1 LSD ± 2 % FS DC 1 kHz to 100 kHz ± 4% FS 100 kHz to 1 MHz

Instrument Current: ± 2% ± 1 LSD


6 x 3.25 x 2.25in (15.24 x 8.26 x 5.72 cm)


1 lbs (0.9kg)


With the LKG 601 Electrical Safety Analyzer, you’ll never have to worry about missing routine safety testing of your electrical equipment. Intentionally designed to be highly portable, you can always have it on hand. This analyzer was specifically created to test non-ECG equipment; all vital safety parameters – including ground resistance, leakage current, and instrument current - are conveniently displayed on its large LCD.

Boasting unique operating features, the LKG 601 provides you with a valuable combination of capabilities that outperform competing devices. Each device has calibrated test points that will ensure high accuracy of the instrument’s measurements. The accessible instrument fuse is also a seamless solution for the common maintenance problems of built-in fuses. Additionally, the selectable test load provides increased testing flexibility.

You can be confident in the performance and value of the LKG 601 because its meets both AMMI and IEC 601-1 Standards. It’s unquestionably the best option for your routine electrical safety testing.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Fast, accurate, and portable
  • Large LCD
  • Accessible Line Fuse
  • Selectable Test Loads
  • Calibrated Test Points
  • 15 and 20 Amp capability
  • Soft carrying case and red resistance test cables included
  • Complies with AAMI or IEC 601-1 Test Loads


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Available Models

Test Lead Cable for LKG 601 and LKG 610

Test Lead Cable for LKG 601 and LKG 610

Test Lead Cable for LKG 601 and LKG 610 Electrical Safety Analyzers..

LKG 601 / LKG 610 Hard Carrying Case

LKG 601 / LKG 610 Hard Carrying Case

Hard Carrying Case for LKG 601 or LKG 610 Electrical Safety Analyzers..