DigiMano 2000

  • DigiMano 2000



Large LCD 4 ½ digits

Pressure Ranges:

Available from 2 PSI to 50PSI


0.1%–0.25% full scale, +/-1

Medium Compatibility:

Non-corrosive fluids and gases

Over Pressure:

3x Pressure range

Operating Temperature:

0 degree C to 40 degree C


9  Volt  Alkaline  Battery  or  Optional  AC  Adapter

Physical Dimensions:

Size: 4.75 X 2.5 X 1.5 in
Weight: 14 Oz (0.8kg)


The Digimano 2000, Digital Pressure - Vacuum Meter is a versatile, high performance, combination digital pressure and vacuum meter. The precision instrument is designed for use in numerous medical and industrial applications and is compatible with a wide range of gases and fluids.

It is housed in a rugged aluminium case with a sealed membrane keypad. Models are available with accuracies of 0.1%–0.25% full scale, +/-1 and various pressure ranges. The standard model utilizes a silicon transducer and the UL model utilizes a stainless steel transducer.

The Digimano 2000, Digital Pressure - Vacuum Meter displays its measurements in cmH20, mBar, inH20, mmHg and PSI. cmH2O is optional and can be replaced with kPa. The instrument reads peak pressure and has an automatic zero. Its 1/4 inch fitting is adaptable to any standard fitting. Power is supplied by either a 9V alkaline battery or an AC adapter.

The Digimano 2000, Digital Pressure Vacuum Meter is a tough, reliable instrument that will meet the demanding measurement requirements of both in-house and field applications. Included with each instrument is a Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST.

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