Ultrasound Power Meters


Ultrasounds are used for a wide range of purposes, and it’s important that your ultrasound equipment is working the way it’s meant to be. Our ultrasound power meters, also known as ultrasound wattmeters, are precision instruments designed to test and verify the output of therapeutic ultrasound devices.

Netech Ultrasound Device Testers and Calibration Meters are:

  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Simple to Operate

Ultrasound Wattmeter - VUW-7

VUW-7 Digital Ultrasound Wattmeter/Power Meter is a precision instrument designed to provide an accurate means of verifying and calibrating the output of therapeutic ultrasound devices.

Highlight Features of our Ultrasound Wattmeter:

  • Special temperature compensated load cell design
  • High Accuracy 0.05%
  • Fast auto zeroing button
  • 0.10 watt to 30-watt power measurement range




Whether you require one on location or for on-the-go testing, The VUW-7 Digital Ultrasound Wattmeter..

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